Here are 500+ tasks that service-based companies can automate:

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Customer Service & Support
Customer Service & Support
  • Automated chatbots for customer service inquiries
  • AI-powered virtual assistants for customer support
  • Automated responses to frequently asked questions
  • Sentiment analysis of customer conversations
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Automated customer onboarding processes
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • Automated ticket/case routing and prioritization
  • Knowledge base article suggestion based on customer inquiry
Conversational AI Assistants
  • Create chatbots to handle common customer service FAQs and simple inquiries to deflect volume from agents
  • Implement AI-powered virtual assistants that can understand customer questions and provide answers or direct to the right agent
Knowledge Management
  • Build a knowledge base of answers to frequently asked questions and auto-respond to common inquiries with relevant articles
  • Suggest relevant knowledge base articles to customers and agents during support conversations to provide instant answers to common questions
Customer Experience Optimization
  • Analyze customer conversations in channels like chat and calls to detect sentiment, frustration, urgency etc. and prioritize support appropriately
  • Enable customers to book appointments, schedule calls, or request callbacks via automated self-service calendar systems
  • Send automated customer satisfaction surveys after support interactions and transactions to measure CSAT performance
  • Analyze support interactions to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and trigger automated product recommendations
Process Automation
  • Automate the customer onboarding process with welcome emails, account setup, payment collection, and product/service provisioning
  • Use natural language processing to understand support tickets/cases and automatically route them to the right team for faster resolution
  • Create customer service workflows to standardize processes for common support scenarios like returns, refunds, cancellations etc.
Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Understand when customers complain about the same issue multiple times and proactively notify support agents to investigate and resolve systemic problems
  • Build a chatbot or virtual assistant specifically for internal employees to have self-service access to HR, IT, and other company services
  • Automate the creation of support cases by integrating with product telemetry and monitoring to detect issues proactively before customers complain
  • Analyze support interactions to identify candidates for customer success upsells and automated push notifications when warrantied products are nearing end of life
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing
  • AI-powered lead scoring and nurturing
  • Real-time next best action/offer recommendations
  • Automated lead qualification
  • Automated sales forecasting and reporting
  • Automated ad targeting and placement
  • Automated social media post creation and scheduling
  • Automated email/SMS campaigns and nurturing
  • Predictive analytics for sales opportunities
  • Automated campaign performance tracking and optimization
  • Personalized product/service recommendations for customers
  • Automated referral programs
Lead Scoring and Nurturing
  • Use AI to score leads based on fit, intent, and behavior and automatically nurture them with relevant content and cadence.
  • Qualify marketing leads with autoresponders, surveys, and lead-scoring to route properly between sales and marketing.
  • Orchestrate the hand-off between marketing and sales by automatically enriching leads with technographics, intent, and other firmographic data.
Predictive Analytics
  • Forecast sales revenue, pipeline, and customer lifetime value through AI models that self-improve over time with new data.
  • Apply predictive analytics on past pipeline and deals to identify the likelihood that prospects will convert and expansion opportunities.
Campaign Automation and Optimization
  • Optimize digital ad targeting and placement using automation, AI recommendations, and integration with martech platforms.
  • Set up workflows to automatically enroll customers in email or SMS drip campaigns that nurture them with personalized content.
  • Continuously track campaign performance with metrics like cost per lead or acquisition and optimize spend/targeting using automation.
Personalization and Recommendations
  • Recommend the next best action for sales reps to take or the best offer to provide customers in real-time based on machine learning models.
  • Recommend products, features, add-ons, subscriptions etc. to website visitors and customers in real-time through machine learning models.
Customer Engagement
  • Create and schedule social media posts and copy automatically based on image libraries, content calendars, and platform APIs.
  • Incentivize referrals by automatically triggering rewards for customers when their referrals sign up or make purchases.
  • Analyze customer product usage data and trigger in-app guides, tips or recommendations when adoption is low.
  • Automate cross-sell and upsell offers through notifications, email campaigns, and special promotions based on customer insights.
  • Monitor reviews and social media mentions to instantly reach out to interested prospects or address customer issues in real-time.
Human Resources
Human Resources
  • Automated job application screening
  • Automated background checks
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Automated onboarding processes
  • Automated employee offboarding
  • Automated payroll
  • Automated time tracking
  • Automated performance reviews
  • Automated learning management systems
  • Automated employee surveys
  • Automated employee engagement tracking
  • Automated benefits enrollment
Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Automatically screen job applications using keywords, skills, experience etc. to route qualified candidates to hiring managers.
  • Enable candidates to take pre-screening assessments online to evaluate skills, fit and capabilities.
  • Automate background check workflows including initiating checks, reviewing reports, adverse action notices, and data security.
  • Allow candidates to self-schedule interviews via calendar integrations, chatbots, or automated email scheduling.
  • Automate onboarding workflows for paperwork, systems access, equipment, introductions to managers/mentors, and required training.
  • Provide personalized onboarding portals with FAQs, resources, org charts, and spaces for new hires to introduce themselves.
Payroll & Time Tracking
  • Integrate payroll with HRIS data to automatically calculate pay, deductions, allowances, overtime, bonuses and generate stubs.
  • Incorporate schedules, timecards, and project time tracking to automatically create, review, and approve timesheets.
  • Automate off-cycle payments like bonuses, equity vesting, garnishments, and commissions outside normal payroll runs.
  • Enable employees to view their pay stubs, W2s, PTO balances, and make payroll changes via self-service.
  • Automatically track employee absenteeism, tardiness, overtime requests, and time off patterns to identify issues.
Performance Management
  • Automate performance review workflows including self-evaluations, peer feedback, manager review, calibration, notifications, and documentation.
  • Aggregate employee skills, projects, achievements, and training data into dynamic profiles that managers can access.
  • Enable employees to create and track OKRs, goals, and development plans and automatically notify managers on progress.
  • Analyze employee performance metrics to identify top performers, low performers, flight risks, and development opportunities.
Learning & Development
  • Build online training programs, microlearning content, certification courses, and learning paths aligned to skills.
  • Automate scheduling and reminders for instructor-led training events, virtual classes, and external development programs.
  • Curate internal learning resources like documents, videos, templates, e-learnings and enable search and recommendations.
  • Administer assessments to evaluate employee skills and automatically recommend learning content to address gaps.
  • Analyze learning system usage, completion rates, test scores, and engagement to optimize learning programs.
HR Operations
  • Automate employee lifecycle changes like promotions, transfers, terminations to trigger access adjustments, notifications, offboarding.
  • Enable employees to make changes like payroll deductions, address changes, and PTO requests via self-service.
  • Automate employee surveys for engagement, culture/values fit, leadership, tools, policies and automatically analyze results.
  • Track employee engagement signals like email open rates, event participation, peer recognition, and proactively identify issues.
  • Streamline benefits enrollment with integrated workflows across multiple vendor platforms and self-service for employees.
Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance
  • Automated data entry and reconciliation
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Automated expense report processing
  • Automated credit check processes
  • Automated collections processes
  • Automated financial reporting and dashboards
  • Automated general ledger maintenance
  • Automated budgeting and forecasting
  • Automated auditing processes
  • Automated tax preparation
Transaction Processing
  • Automate data entry from documents like invoices, bills, orders into accounting/ERP systems with OCR and AI.
  • Reconcile transactions like bank statements, credit card statements, and invoices automatically by matching totals.
  • Digitize invoice receipt, data extraction, routing for approval, posting to ledgers with workflow automation.
  • Automate matching purchase orders to invoices and shipments to automate 3-way matching and exception handling.
  • Automate reporting of invoice status, bottlenecks, disputes to streamline vendor payments.
Financial Operations
  • Automate credit check processes during customer onboarding by accessing credit bureaus and evaluating reports.
  • Send automated reminders and follow-ups for collecting late customer payments and route severe delinquencies to collections.
  • Automate financial close process including sub-processes like intercompany reconciliations, revenue recognition, and consolidation.
  • Maintain general ledger master data like accounts, cost centers, profit centers with automated controls, validations, and workflows.
Planning & Analysis
  • Automate budget and forecasting processes with driver-based models, collaboration workflows, and reporting.
  • Generate financial statements, KPI dashboards, and custom reports on scheduled intervals or on-demand with automation.
  • Analyze financial data to uncover trends, outliers, and actionable insights for operational improvements.
Compliance & Audit
  • Automate internal and external audits by digitizing checklists, requirements, samples, reports, and issue tracking.
  • Continuously monitor transactions and journal entries for policy violations, fraud indicators, or anomalies.
  • Automate tax computations, filings, payments, and notifications for various direct and indirect tax types.
  • Maintain audit trails, version histories, digital signatures, and data security controls on financial transactions and reporting.
  • Automate compliance checks for revenue recognition rules, capitalization policies, credit limits, and other financial controls.
  • Digitize audit preparation by automatically compiling required documents, financial samples, and management certifications.
  • Automate retrieval and redaction of personal data for DSAR (data subject access requests) and other privacy regulations.
Cash Management
  • Automatically forecast cash position, liquidity, and working capital requirements using ML models.
  • Optimize cash allocation, investment, and borrowing decisions based on predictive cash flow models.
  • Automate cash sweeping, intercompany loans, and other treasury functions between entities and subsidiaries.
Order to Cash
  • Digitize order-to-cash processes from order entry to collection with automated workflows.
  • Accelerate order processing, credit checks, and revenue recognition with automated controls.
  • Automate sending invoices, receivables follow up, cash application, and cash forecasting.
Procure to Pay
  • Automate procurement processes like vendor onboarding, PO issuance, invoice reconciliation, and payment.
  • Digitize approvals, matching, exceptions workflows for procure-to-pay processes.
  • Analyze spend data to optimize sourcing decisions, discount utilization, and vendor terms.
  • Enforce spending limits and policies through automated workflow approvals.
  • Automate PO closeouts when all receipts/invoices have been matched and approved.
  • Notify stakeholders when invoices or payments are overdue or service levels are missed.
Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Automate data consolidation from multiple systems and entities to enable integrated planning.
  • Run ‘what-if’ scenarios and simulations to dynamically analyze plan variations.
  • Provide self-service reporting and dashboards for business users to access financial data.
Revenue Management
  • Leverage usage data to optimize pricing, promotions, and subscription models.
  • Automate quoting, billing, and collections workflows to accelerate cash flow.
  • Analyze customer segments and behavior patterns to inform revenue strategy.
Accounting Operations
  • Digitize documents like invoices, journals, contracts using OCR and smart data extraction.
  • Automate reconciliation of intercompany transactions, accounts, and other ledger processes.
  • Automate period-end close checklists, allocations, and adjustments.
  • Monitor KPIs and activity metrics to identify bottlenecks and optimize accounting team performance.
  • Automate bad debt analysis, write-offs, and reserve calculations based on historical trends.
  • Digitally transform paper-based processes for journal entries, expense reports, and other accounting documents.
  • Enforce segregation of duties with automated access controls and approvals in accounting systems.
  • Automate fixed asset lifecycle tracking from acquisition to depreciation to retirement.
Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Automate variance analysis on actuals versus forecasts for revenues, expenses, profitability etc.
  • Enable self-service ad hoc reporting and “slice & dice” analysis for business leaders.
  • Build driver-based forecasting models by department, product line, region etc.
Treasury Management
  • Automate cash position, liquidity, and working capital reporting across entities.
  • Optimize cash concentration structures through intercompany loans, sweeps, and in-house banks.
Manage foreign exchange and currency risk through automated hedging strategies.
Management Reporting
  • Automate consolidation of financial data across business units, products, regions etc.
  • Generate standardized books like board packs, earnings releases, annual reports with auditable workflows.
  • Distribute monthly management reports with insights, visualizations, and financial KPIs.
  • Consolidate financial data from multiple systems and entities into a single version of truth through ETL and integration.
  • Automate data validation, sanity checks, and quality control when consolidating financial data.
  • Build board packs and executive briefing books with automated templating for narratives, visualizations, and financial charts.
  • Generate earnings releases, investor presentations, and annual reports using up-to-date financial data and graphics.
  • Ensure proper approvals, audit trail, version control and compliance for external or public financial reporting.
  • Distribute monthly/quarterly management reports with financial KPIs, operational metrics, data visualizations, and insights.
  • Enable self-service reporting and “slice & dice” analysis with drill-down capability for management.
  • Automate variance analysis on actuals versus budgets and highlights of top/bottom performers.
  • Translate financial data into business KPIs, operational metrics, and data visualizations for management.
  • Include predictive analytics and forecasts in management reports generated from financial planning models.
  • Automatically distribute scheduled reports via email, portals and alert managers to insights requiring action.
  • Integrate financial reporting with data from non-finance systems like production, sales, HR to enrich analysis.
  • Organize financial data in management reports by business driver – product, region, channel, campaign etc.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • Automated re-ordering and stock replenishment
  • Automated warehouse picking/packing
  • Automated shipping/delivery dispatch
  • Automated route optimization
  • Predictive maintenance on vehicles/equipment
  • Automated freight audit and payment
  • Automated customs clearance
  • Automated supplier relationship management
  • Automated procurement processes
Warehouse Operations
  • Automate inventory tracking using barcode/RFID scanning, IoT sensors, and connected warehouse management systems.
  • Optimize inventory levels, placement, and picking routes using demand data, expiration dates, and algorithms.
  • Enable robotic process automation for high volume picking, packing, sorting, kitting, and pallet building.
  • Automate warehouse workflows for receiving, putaway, replenishment, and space management.
  • Provide inventory visibility across distribution center network and omni-channel fulfillment channels.
Transportation Management
  • Automate shipment routing, load planning, and dispatching using ERP integrations and transportation management systems.
  • Optimize delivery routes and fleets using real-time traffic data, vehicle availability, appointment times.
  • Track shipments end-to-end using barcode scanning, IoT sensors, electronic logging, and inventory integrations.
  • Automate freight audit, payment, accruals, and partner settlement for invoices and claims.
Procurement & Supplier Management
  • Digitize procure-to-pay processes like requisitions, POs, goods receipt, invoicing, payment.
  • Automatically track contract terms, renewals, and performance metrics for suppliers.
  • Enable self-service purchasing workflows with approvals, compliance checks, and integration.
  • Analyze supplier spend and performance data to optimize pricing, selection, and rationalization.
Planning & Optimization
  • Automate demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and order management using statistical models.
  • Schedule and sequence production activities based on plant capacity, material availability, and order priorities.
  • Optimize logistics network design, routes, and transportation capacity with analytics and modeling.
  • Predict equipment failures and maintenance needs using IoT monitoring and machine learning algorithms.
  • Automatically track customs documentation, clearances, duties management and foreign trade compliance.
IT & Infrastructure
IT & Infrastructure
  • Automated network monitoring
  • Automated anomaly detection
  • Automated cybersecurity threat detection
  • Automated patch management
  • Automated backup processes
  • Automated system provisioning
  • Automated load balancing
  • Automated health checks/alerting
  • Automated log analysis
  • Automated problem ticket creation & routing
Monitoring & Management
  • Continuously monitor network performance – availability, latency, bandwidth, uptime using automated tools.
  • Get alerts for application errors, outages, resource utilization spikes using APM and analytics.
  • Automate anomaly detection on log events, network traffic, user behavior to identify potential issues.
  • Track assets, changes, and utilization trends across servers, storage, network gear with automation.
  • Automatically create tickets for detected problems and route to appropriate IT teams based on criteria.
Security & Compliance
  • Detects cyberthreats and vulnerabilities using SIEM, malware analysis, vulnerability scans, and threat intelligence.
  • Automatically apply software updates, security patches, configuration changes across infrastructure.
  • Automate policy enforcement, access controls, and compliance checks aligned to security standards.
  • Orchestrate security workflows for incident response – alerting, investigation, containment, eradication.
  • Continuously backup critical data and systems to external storage as per backup policies.
Deployment & Configuration
  • Automatically provision development, test, and production environments for faster release cycles.
  • Implement infrastructure as code for repeatable and consistent deployment of servers, network gear.
  • Automate load balancing to distribute network traffic across web/app servers based on policies.
  • Automatically run health checks and diagnostics on infrastructure components using monitoring tools.
  • Continuously tune infrastructure performance using automation driven by application SLAs and usage.
IT Operations
  • Aggregate and analyze logs from across infrastructure for trends, outliers and proactive management.
  • Automate manual/repetitive tasks like database administration, file transfers, job scheduling.
  • Track volumes, backlogs, SLAs and optimize IT workflows using analytics and automation.
  • Monitor help desk performance – response times, resolution rates, agent utilization.
  • Digitize IT documentation and enable self-service access to knowledge base.
General Business Operations
General Business Operations
  • Automated data entry
  • Automated report generation
  • Intelligent process automation for repetitive tasks
  • Automated contract management
  • Automated document management
  • Automated quality control checks
  • Automated compliance processes
  • Automated project management workflows
  • Automated resource allocation optimization
  • Automated business insights through AI
Process Automation
  • Automate repetitive data entry tasks like invoice processing, claims processing, application processing using RPA bots.
  • Digitize paperwork-heavy processes like employee onboarding, audits, complaint handling using OCR and workflows.
  • Automate report and dashboard generation from data sources like ERP, CRM, HRIS to end stakeholders.
  • Streamline IT service requests, purchase approvals, customer onboarding with intelligent process automation.
Productivity Enablement
  • Automate document management with intelligent search, version control, collaboration, and security protocols.
  • Automate cross-departmental workflows for product launches, campaign execution, event management.
  • Enable self-service access to knowledge base, FAQs, and automated updates to continuously improve.
Compliance & Risk Management
  • Continuously monitor for compliance to policies, regulations, standards using automated checks.
  • Automate generation of compliance reports and documentation needed for audits and assessments.
  • Manage contracts end-to-end – generation, e-signatures, obligtion tracking, amendments, renewals.
  • Automate workflows, alerts, and reporting for enterprise risk management processes.
Resource Planning & Analytics
  • Forecast demand and optimize resource planning using predictive analytics and machine learning.
  • Schedule projects, tasks, and resources using automated optimization algorithms.
  • Gain business insights from data across siloed systems using AI-powered analytics.
  • Automate collection and analysis of quality metrics from products, processes, supply chain.
IT & Infrastructure
  • Provision and configure IT resources like servers, storage, and networking automatically based on templates.
  • Seamlessly scale up or down compute resources using automation integrated with cloud platforms.
  • Monitor system performance proactively via automated health checks, load balancing, failover.
  • Automate detection, diagnostics, and resolution of IT incidents and outages.